Richtis Waterfall, Minoan History, Oldest Tree, North Coast (Luxury Adventure)

Discover some wonderful hidden places. Visit a stunning Waterfall, and one of the oldest Olive trees in the world to name just a couple of things you will see.  On this tour you will visit a Gorge and a hidden Waterfall on the east side of the island. Our tour leads you along the coastline with its spectacular views. Olive trees and wildlife are everywhere. We start our hiking walk near the coast, about a half hour later we reach through a jungle type of landscape the waterfall. Crystal clear cold water is descending from an 18 meter high rock formation in a tiny small lake where we can have a deserved refreshing dip in the clear spring water. Lunch will be served at a local Taverna at the waters edge. An amazing back to nature tour which will lead you through several different types of terrain which offers a display of Wild herbs, Olive groves, elusive wildlife and the pretty photogenic jungle at the Waterfalls.


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