Leonardo3 The World of Leonardo: Tickets for the Interactive Exhibition

Enter the world of the absolute genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci, and interact with all of the creations. Visit the permanent interactive exhibition Leonardo3 - The World of Leonardo, held in Piazza della Scala in Milan. More than 200 interactive 3D machines are on display, in addition to physical reproductions of Leonardo’s machines, many of which he never even built and are seen here for the first time ever.


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All the truth about Leonardo da Vinci

Get ready, you're about to discover a Leonardo never seen before. Most of the inventions attributed to Leonardo are not his original works. What then is the secret that made him one of the greatest geniuses in history? With the journey to the Leonardo museum in the Vittorio Emanuele gallery we will unveil the hidden wonders of his manuscripts. You never stop to learn from a personality as Leonardo da Vinci, i offer you an excellent opportunity to unreveal the mysteries of our Florentine genius My name is Natalia, i am a graphic desinger and an art expert graduated in Brera Academy of fine arts.


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Milan City Pass: Your Key to Discover the City

Tourist Card Milano offers you exclusive discounts on many museums and attractions in Milan and surroundings.


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