Gallery hopping in Tokyo: Ginza-stylish architectures and hidden charms

It would be easy to visit famous museums like MORI ART MUSEUM on your own, but how about small but nice art galleries hidden in a town? Actually so many galleries reside in Ginza approximately passing through Such galleries are really entertaining modern art works while appreciate stylish architectures on our way. Such galleries just want to nurture artists or introduce their works, so no admission fee is required. surprised to discover unexpected Ginza! If you like, I can also take you to shops selling Japanese pottery, cloisonne, swords, paper, stationary and so on, since Ginza offers almost everything you want! Let's enjoying exploring Ginza together! Note: Each gallery shown in the magazine can be closed irregularly between exhibitions. I select several galleries which are open on the day.


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Private Ginza Architecture Walking Tour

This is a three hour architecture walking tour in Ginza by a nationally licensed tour guide. As this is a private walking tour adjustable to guest's interests and knowledge of architecture, it will be an enjoyable experience for you even if you are not a professional in architecture. You will get to visit buildings with both traditional and contemporary architecture in the Ginza area including sites which are difficult to go to on your own. At the end of the tour, you will be a Ginza professional with numbers of artistic photos on your camera!


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