Expert Led Tour of Jewish Heritage in Vienna

Join us on our 3-hour Jewish Vienna tour to visit the two oldest districts in Vienna. Jews prospered and suffered in many parts of Western Europe, especially in Vienna. We’ll learn about how Jews went from being influential people in society to fearing for their lives because of anti-Semitism and the Nazi Regime. In the Inner City, we’ll explore the deep history between Vienna and the Jewish community. We’ll also visit Leopoldstadt to see the Jewish Theater and understand the history behind it. •Discover the Jewish history of Vienna •Visit the Stadttempel and the Leopoldstädter Tempel memorial


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Private Jewish Walking Tour Vienna

The Jewish community of Vienna is a culture rich in history and goes back hundreds of years— from the first Jewish person in Austria, Salomon also known as Schlom, to the artists, doctors and scientists who shaped Viennese culture in 1900, to the Holocaust, to the present-day Jewish community in Vienna. Our Jewish Walking Tour emphasizes the intellectual, cultural and artistic flowerings of this remarkable community, as well as the dark periods wherein this community was banished from Vienna.


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