Tasting Milano _ Architecture, Design & Food

Chances to organize a TAILOR-MADE TOUR in Milan; architecture, aesthetics points of view enriched with anecdotes about design or urban history of the city and a "food pit-stop" somewhere like taverns, clubs or similar, always trying to offer a taste of "a pure Amarcord style" of italian design. The options are different, the city offers many ideas and adapts to different moods; I would like to understand your expectations in time so that a suitable experience can be tailor-made. But alternatively I can take care of everything. I am an architect, a photographer and a traveller and I have a strong passion for private courtyards, secluded streets, gardens, improvised moments of light, spaces that are more or less describable but accessible. Milan is rich in treasures.. and if you wish you can have some shopping meanwhile!


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